Frequently Asked Questions

Lifestyle Protection Insurance

How do I make a claim?
Give us a call on 0800 45 10 10 and we will get your claim underway immediately.
Can I still make a claim if I am receiving ACC payments or sick pay?
Yes you can. Your policy pays over and above any other income.
If I take out a joint cover policy, and only one of us is claiming, what will you pay?
We will pay the specified monthly benefit on the policy for the individual. If an additional premium is not paid, then we will pay half the specified monthly benefit.
What is a pre-existing condition?
A pre-existing condition is any illness, injury or condition that you have before the start date of the policy.
What should be disclosed?
If you are unsure please disclose any medical conditions otherwise any future claims could be declined
What is full-time employment?
Full-time employment means that you are earning money by working on a permanent and continuous basis for at least 30 hours every week. It doesn’t include seasonal, casual or temporary employment, or work under a non-renewable contract.
Does lifestyle protection insurance have an excess?
Will I still get cover if my occupation is considered dangerous?
Yes – there are no occupational restrictions. However, some dangerous recreational activities such as motor vehicle racing and scuba diving are not covered. Please refer to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions document for full details.
What if I need to change employer during the term of the cover?
Your cover is completely portable between jobs; however, if you need to make a claim for unemployment you must have been in continuous work for six months with that employer before the claim. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.
How will I know when my cover starts?
Your cover begins from the start date shown on your policy document. We will also confirm your cover in a letter stating the start and end dates as well as the monthly benefit amount.
How long can I have the policy for?
For a maximum of five years.
Is there a stand down period?
Yes. Different claims have different stand down periods. Click here to read the terms, conditions and exclusions for full details.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance

How does GAP insurance work?
A GAP policy pays the shortfall between the payout received from the motor vehicle insurer (in the event of a total write-off) and the amount of finance owing on the vehicle to a maximum of $10,000. Our policy also pays an additional cash sum of $1000, whether or not there is a shortfall.
Why do I need a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy to get a GAP policy?
If there is no motor vehicle insurance policy, there cannot be any shortfall from the motor insurer.
What is a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy?
This is a policy that covers you against theft and accidental loss or damage to the vehicle, and your liability for third party property damage.
How do I make a claim?
Give us a call on 0800 45 10 10 and we will get your claim underway immediately.
How much is my excess?
There is no excess payable under the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance policy.
How do I cancel my policy?
Your policy can only be cancelled (with a full refund) within the first 14 days from the date that you signed the proposal.
Can I transfer my Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance policy?
No, this is not possible.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Who can service my vehicle?
Our policy allows for any registered automotive repairer to service your vehicle. If you are unsure whether your service agent meets our criteria then give us a call on 0800 267 873 and we’ll be happy to advise you.
Does this policy have servicing requirements?
We require that the vehicle is serviced to the manufacturer’s service specifications. If for any reason these are not specified, we require the following servicing:
  • petrol vehicles – every 12 months or every 15,000 km (whichever comes first)

  • diesel vehicles - every 12 months or every 10,000 km (whichever comes first).
How do I make a claim?
Just give us a call on 0800 809 100 (choose option 1) and we’ll get your claim underway immediately.
What is an excess?
An excess is the amount that you are required to contribute towards the cost of each claim that you make on your policy.
How much is my excess?
This will depend on what excess you chose at the time you purchased your policy. You may have a $125, $225, $250 or $350 excess.
Can I transfer my warranty when I sell my car?
The warranty may be transferred to a new owner at MARAC Insurance’s discretion (subject to service and claims history). In this case a transfer fee of $75 (incl GST) is charged. The warranty cannot be transferred if the vehicle is sold to a motor vehicle trader. The warranty cannot be transferred to another vehicle.
How do I cancel my policy?
Your policy can only be cancelled (and a refund issued) within the first 30 days from the date that you signed the proposal.
To cancel your policy, MARAC Insurance must be notified in writing (click here for contact details) and all policy documents returned to MARAC Insurance.

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