Equipment Supplier Dealer

Why become a MARAC-authorised equipment supplier dealer?

Keep control of your sales process

Being a MARAC supplier allows you to offer finance solutions to your customers and provides you with a tool to increase sales.  You and your sales representatives keep control of the selling process and are able to close more of the non-cash deals.

MARAC is experienced in financing a variety of industries

We have specialist experience in many industries, including automotive equipment, agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, office technology, printing, telecommunications, transport and many more.

You can use the MARAC brand or offer finance under your own brand

You can offer finance under the MARAC Finance brand, or use your own brand if  you prefer.

MARAC has a full range of finance products

The most common finance options we offer are asset purchase agreement, rental agreement and lease to buy agreement.  Typically MARAC offers finance solutions on a non-recourse basis with terms from 12 months to 5 years.  Security for each finance contract is the equipment you have supplied to the client.

How does it work?

  1. We provide you with factors and spreadsheets to help you build a finance solution for your customer.
  2. Your customer completes an application form, which you send us and we assess.
  3. Once the finance is approved we create the loan documents and email or post them to you, or directly to the client if that is your preference.
  4. The customer signs the loan documents and you return them to us with an invoice for the equipment sale.
  5. We pay you the amount financed.
  6. The customer makes repayments direct to MARAC.  We are responsible for credit risk and control of the contract, and we also deal with any enquiries from your client.

How to become a MARAC equipment supplier dealer

Give us a call on 0800 520 009 or contact us by email if you’d like more information or to talk about a becoming a MARAC-authorised equipment supplier dealer.

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