Become a MARAC Dealer

MARAC-authorised dealers are able to provide finance to their customers, making MARAC dealers a one-stop-shop – selling customers what they need and then arranging finance to pay for it.

MARAC motor dealer finance

MARAC-authorised dealers can offer their customers a complete finance solution for vehicle purchase, leasing and insurance. Our finance packages are convenient, efficient and easy for staff and customers to understand, and we back them up with fast decisions.

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MARAC marine dealer finance

MARAC works with marine and other dealers to help them offer their customers a complete finance solution for purchasing and insurance. Our finance packages are comprehensive and easy to use, allowing dealers to offer a seamless service to customers. We guarantee fast, flexible decisions on finance – our aim is to arrange the best deal for both the dealer and their customer.

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MARAC equipment supplier finance

Equipment suppliers offering MARAC finance can provide a complete service package to their customers.  They are able to write their own finance agreements, which leads to closing more non-cash sales. And we back up our dealers with a fast, efficient decision on finance.

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