MARAC's Bank Account Numbers

Loan repayments

If you need to make a payment directly into MARAC's bank account for your loan, the details are below.  Please remember to include your MARAC contract number (rather than your client number) as a reference so the payment can be credited to your loan.

  • Westpac  03-0104-0192633-00
Investment deposits

If you would like to make a deposit directly into Heartland's bank account for your investment, the details are below.  Please include your surname as a reference and fax your application to us on 09 927 9321 the day you make the payment.  Please also post your original application form.

Bank account for Heartland (for Term Deposits, Savings Optimiser or Business Call Accounts)

  • Westpac  03-1783-0500515-00

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